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CTF Newsletter no 2, 2017, from CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, Sweden


CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, Sweden, is one of the world´s leading research centers focusing on service management and value creation through service. We develop and conduct research projects in close collaboration with service businesses, manufacturing companies, and public-service providers. Our newsletter will keep you updated on our research activities.

Physically fit employees and restrictions make us buy more
Competition in the form of athletic employees and products that can be seen but not touched. These are some factors that influence our purchase behavior according to a new dissertation from Karlstad University in Sweden. Read more.

Research results from Karlstad University can become international policy
Six years ago Carolina Camén defended her dissertation “Using contracts to manage services: A study of contracts in public transport”. Now, the results and thoughts on the importance of the design of the contracts are becoming a part of the policy and guidelines for the entire transport industry in Europe. Read more.

CTFblog: Moving towards a service perspective - is the history hindering manufacturing firms?
Don’t we all filter the way we see our life and reality, through our previous life events and experiences? Isn’t it even so that our ‘life baggage’ is obstructing us from certain aspects which may hinder us from a fully embracement of life? The same could be happening for companies. We have had a long debate in service research about how firms can move towards applying a service perspective in their organizations and what benefits the service perspective could result in. For manufacturing firms this movement can be referred to as servitization. Read more.

Doctoral students acted as advisers on international cyber security challenge
On 20-21 April, doctoral students at Karlstad University participated in an international student cyber security challenge, organised by the Atlantic Council. The challenge involved acting as advisers on international security issues linked to crisis situations caused by cyber attacks. Read more.

Research on future customer experiences
Researchers at CTF have been granted 3.9 million SEK for research on future customer experiences. In the project the researchers will develop new knowledge on how to make retail and the hospitality industry more attractive through digitalization. Read more.

Summer conferences
CTF researchers will be presenting their latest research at some of the key service conferences this summer. Stay updated here.

Upcoming events

  • EMAC 2017, May 23-26, 2017, University of Groningen, The Neaderlands. Read more.
  • The 2017 QUIS Symposium, June 12-15, 2017, is held in Porto, Portugal. Read more.
  • The Frontiers in Service Conference 2017, June 22-25, 2017, New York City. Read more.

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