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CTF Newsletter no 1, 2016, from CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, Sweden


CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, Sweden, is one of the world´s leading research centers focusing on service management and value creation through service. We develop and conduct research project in close collaboration with service businesses, manufacturing companies, and public-service providers. Our newsletter will keep you updated on our research activities.

Karlstad University to develop a strategy for advanced web-based education 
During a six month period Karlstad University will be developing a strategy for web-based distance learning at advanced levels. Training courses will be developed in partnership with industry and various community stakeholders, and are based on research conducted at some of the University’s excellent and strong research groups. The project was recently awarded 350 000 SEK from the Knowledge Foundation. Read more

New publication! Exploring User’s Appropriateness as a Proxy for Experts When Screening New Product/Service Ideas” 
Are users a good proxy for experts in ideation and screening during the NPD Process? Researchers Peter Magnusson, Erik Wästlund and Johan Netz explain, watch the clip on Youtube here >

The article “Exploring User’s Appropriateness as a Proxy for Experts When Screening New Product/Service Ideas” is published in the latest issue of JPIM, Journal of Product Innovation Management.

Welcome to CTF Service Innovation Day 2016 April 27!
Everyone talks about service innovation but the rules are continuously changing. Spotify, Netflix and Uber are examples of companies who totally have changed the rules within their industries and outcompeted the traditional actors through the ability to see the needs of the market in a new way and to take advantage of todays’ technology to create better customer experiences.

How can your company discover the needs of the market and better use todays’ technology to create a better experience for your customers? These are questions we hope you will get answers to during the day when we cover aspects such as service innovation, value creation, customer experiences, business models and the Internet of things. Participating in the program are world leading researchers and representatives from companies such as Löfbergs, Ericsson, Volvo and more. Read more (only available in swedish).

For more information, please contact Coordinator ingrid.hansson@kau.se

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